Why Wowo’s?

“I have always been enthusiastic about car care since I was young, keeping the family’s car’s washed, polished and waxed as often I could. After passing my driving test at 17 I was always out looking after my own car using popular products and learning as much as I could about proper car care. Time passed and in 2013 after working for myself for years I thought I could tackle establishing my own brand of car care products but I literally had no idea where to start other than the branding and the website. 

In September 2013, the Wowo’s brand was born and the logo was designed. Doing a play on words of the well known, wax on wax off. In November that year wowos.co.uk was purchased and the first site was live supplying gift boxes of car care in time for Christmas. Advancing on the initial formulas throughout 2014 & 2015 while supplying the local area and online, this then progressed into setting up our own factory for manufacture in late 2015 so as not to rely on local suppliers, and better serve our customers. 

After almost three years of hard work, learning the chemical composition and working hand in hand with some of the best chemists and suppliers from around the world, Wowo’s now makes 24 world class products, manufacturing, bottling, labelling and distributing from our factory just outside Glasgow. 

I am very proud of everything I have achieved and stand by every product that Wowo’s makes. We will only ever make our own products and you will only find these formulations in Wowo’s bottles.”

– Fraser Gordon, Director

[wpo_title_heading title=”Wowo’s mission” title_align=”separator_align_left” el_class=”no-style”]Wowo’s mission is straight forward:[/wpo_title_heading]

Unique Products

Wowo’s will only every manufacture it’s own products. We formulate, manufacture, bottle and label everything we supply. You will only ever find what is in our bottles and jars being supplied by us.

Affordable Quality

Wowo’s will always endeavour to make the highest quality products possible while keeping them affordable to everyone. From the formulation to the packaging we aim to be world class. We won’t make the same product and try and charge you twice for it with all our products have a different chemical composition.

Easy to Use

Every Wowo’s product has been formulated to be as easy to use as possible without being detrimental to it’s performance or durability. All products are clearly marked Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3, giving even someone who is new to detailing access to great finished results.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

At Wowo’s we make everything we sell so we endeavour to keep stock of everything we sell so when you order before 12pm we ship the same day. With fast worldwide delivery from Fedex Express and UK & European delivery from DPD your delivery is in safe hands.

[wpo_title_heading title=”Our Team” title_align=”separator_align_left” el_class=”no-style”]It’s not a big team, but it’s a good team.[/wpo_title_heading]
[wpo_team_list title=”Fraser Gordon” job=”Director / Formulator / Designer / Tea Boy” photo=”5114″ phone=”07879 993992″ information=”Founder and Director of Wowo’s. Does 90% of the work. Doesn’t sleep much. Easily distract… Quirrel!” email=”fraser@wowos.co.uk” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/fwgordon” thumbnail_size=”150×150″]
[wpo_team_list title=”Graham Gordon” job=”General Dogs Body / Sanity Checker” photo=”5115″ information=”60% of the time he’s useful every time. Master labeller and sanity checker of Fraser’s crazy ideas. ” email=”sales@wowos.co.uk” thumbnail_size=”150×150″]

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