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Wowo’s Signature Wax is where it all started for Wowo’s. Starting life as a homebrew it has been perfected over three years to glistening perfection using a combination of Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Californian Montan, Scottish Organic Beeswax and a blend of organic essential oils and advanced polymers, for the perfect wax on wax off experience.

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Wowo’s Signature Wax is a hard wax designed for ease of use, longevity and a lasting shine.


1. For best results apply to your vehicle post polishing the surface with our Wowo’s Show N Go Polish or another suitable polish.
2. Use a round foam or microfibre applicator pad to apply the wax to the vehicle surface.
3. We recommend doing a panel at a time, especially when working outside in hotter climates.
4. Buff off immediately with a microfibre cloth or towel. We recommend using a thick plush microfibre for ease of use and best results.
5. “Wow there! You trying to blind me? That’s one shiny car you have there” – Said everyone who walks past your vehicle.

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