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Wowo’s Show N Go Polish is the one polish you need for those days when the sun is shining and you just want to hit it and quit it (so to speak), before hitting the open road, or for a quick polish at shows. It is an AIO (All In One) polish which has a light cut, no fillers, and a Brazilian Carnauba wax all built into one product.

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Wowo’s Show N Go Polish is an All In One polish designed to restore colour and lustre to a vehicles paintwork. It can be used easily by hand but for best and fastest results we recommend the use of a Dual Action Polisher.


1. Give the bottle a good shake and make sure the vehicle is clean and dry.
2. For best results use a Rotary or DA polisher in the manner you normally would.
3. If applying by hand use a foam applicator pad.
4. Apply to the surface using a light circular motion. Increase pressure to help remove surface scratches or blemishes.
5. Finally, buff to high shine using a clean, deep pile microfibre cloth.

Do not apply in direct sunlight.

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