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Remember the last time you applied a wax to a car in direct sunlight and it stuck to the paint like concrete? Well now you can make the most of the weather and enjoy it, being able to apply this wax on surfaces up to 50oC and remove just as easily, providing long lasting protection, shine and beading.

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Wowo’s Hot Wax is an advanced blend of carnauba and montan wax, with advanced silicones and polymers which has been designed to allow it to be used in direct sunlight on surfaces up to 50oC.


1. Give the bottle a good shake and make sure the vehicle is clean and dry.
2. For best results use after polishing the vehicle’s paintwork.
3. If applying by hand use a foam applicator pad.
4. Apply to the surface using a light circular motion.
5. Finally, buff to high shine using a clean, deep pile microfibre cloth.

Apply in direct sunlight, or not. Whatevs’

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Read the whole review here –

    I can’t really fault anything about Hot Wax much like the Quick Detailer. If I want to be pedantic , mask the polish like scent better with something nice but this really is no issue at all… says it all really about how good this is.

    To sum up Hot Wax is another top notch product from Wowo’s. I really can’t fault this wax, it offers everything you would want from an LSP. Idiot proof application and removal, applying to a full car is a very quick process with the resulting finish stunning and the beading fantastic. Add to this how little is needed per layer and the cost of the product itself and you’re looking at something special again.

    Durability will be tested and the review updated (expecting minimum 3 months+) but as things stand Hot Wax looks like another stand out product.

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