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Sometimes in life the simplest solutions are the best solutions. That’s why we haven’t overcomplicated Wowo’s DETAILER’S SHAMPOO. No gloss enhancers, no drying aids, just a pure high-activity shampoo that’s perfect for all your regular maintenance washes.

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Wowo’s DETAILERS SHAMPOO is the starting line in the Wowo’s Detailing regimen. The Professional Formula brings car soaps back to simpler times without any of the fancy protection additives. This is a HIGHLY Foaming formula that’s Foam Cannon ready or easily used in your favorite Two-Bucket wash method. The Formula can be diluted based on the level of soiling and protection your vehicle has. RECOMMENDED DILUTIONS: For Heavy Soiling dilute DETAILER’S SHAMPOO at 100:1, for Unprotected Paint dilute DETAILER’S SHAMPOO at 100:1, for Protected Paint dilute DETAILER’S SHAMPOO at 500:1. This is a car shampoo made FOR Detailers BY Detailers without cutting any corners. The wash process is best enjoyed with a good quality microfiber drying towel and your favorite beverage. Enjoy!

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