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Wowo’s Contact 121 Wax


Wowo’s Contact 121 Wax is a premium super easy on easy off wax. Formulated over two years using a base of Brazilian Carnauba, Californian Montan, blended with the latest German and Swiss coating technologies, providing a deep gloss, high shine, ultra hydrophobic finish with a high water contact angle of 121 degrees. Simply a work of art.



Wowo’s Contact 121 Wax is a premium hard wax designed to be used on a polished paint surface, providing long lasting durability, gloss and a high water contact angle. This provides a highly hydrophobic protection and beading on the surface.


1. For best results apply to your vehicle post polishing the surface with our Wowo’s Show N Go Polish or another suitable polish.
2. Use a round foam or microfibre applicator pad to apply the wax to the vehicle surface.
3. We recommend doing a panel at a time, especially when working outside in hotter climates.
4. Buff off immediately with a microfibre cloth or towel. We recommend using a thick plush microfibre for ease of use and best results.

Blinding people with it’s shine since 2016.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Read the whole review here – http://detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=383052

    So where to start with this one………….
    It’s not often in the detailing world that we see genuinely ‘new’ products, with that I don’t mean a new QD or a new shampoo I mean a product that could almost be seen to define it’s own category. Contact 121 and Crystal Sealant that I recently reviewed could both be viewed as something different, something away from the norm. Both add incredible gloss and shine but in different ways and having used them both on alpine white Bimmers I can confirm the huge differences in end results, Contact 121 giving a more wax like gloss and Crystal more of a nano coating finish. The pricing of of Contact 121, knowing whats gone into it is incredible and it wouldn’t surprise me if Wowo’s were selling this at cost (not that I’d be so rude to ask).
    The durability from Contact 121 is another one measured in months not weeks and what I’m really getting excited about is adding the Contact 121 over the top of the Crystal I applied on mine a couple of weeks ago, as I’ve been promised the result will be amazing and seriously long lasting so I’ll update this thread when that application is completed and updates on durability.

    The only confusing part of this product is the word Wax on the end of the name, it obviously has wax in the mix but it’s so much more than that, similarly the word sealant on the end of Crystal. Wowo’s are certainly making us rethink about what an LSP should be and again should be congratulated for bringing something original to the table.

    So If your looking for a new LSP thats unlike anything you’ve used before, that gives protection, and super high gloss levels then Contact 121 should certainly be on your shortlist.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Read the whole review here – http://detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=382890

    Wowo’s Contact 121 is one of the easiest most rewarding waxes I have ever used, its so user friendly it can suit everyone from the expert wax user to the 1st time wax user.

    The finish is crystal clear and glossy but I would say lacks some of the depth and richness of a natural wax but the water behavior is stunning.

    If you are looking for a wax that smells of Kiwi Fruit and apricots then look elsewhere but if you are looking for a wax that can out do most things on the market beading wise and is super easy to use then this is the one for you, give it a whirl because Contact 121 is an amazing bit of kit.

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