Wowo’s Contact 121 & Mallow Wax

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Two for Tuesday – Wowo’s Contact 121 & Mallow Wax

Get both waxes for the price of one.

Wowo’s CONTACT 121 is a beautifully formulated and hand-crafted wax utilising a unique blend of traditional high-grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Californian Montan Wax, and the latest German and Swiss surface coating technology. This amazing combination creates an easy-on, easy-off experience with long-lasting protection, shine, and an extremely high water contact angle of 121 degrees.

As soft as a marshmallow and as smooth as glass, Wowo’s MALLOW WAX is the ultimate blend of old school cool, with the latest surface coating technology, resulting in the ultimate show wax. Super easy on, and super easy off with lasting results and phenomenal beading. The ultimate wax for the person who loves to wax their vehicle regularly.

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Wowo’s CONTACT 121 is Old School Cool wrapped in New School Tech. A mix of some of the finest Brazilian Carnauba and Montan Waxes, blended with the latest cutting-edge German and Swiss surface technology. This results in an easy-to-use paste wax that provides a deep gloss and shine for your paint. Equally as important, CONTACT 121 provides superior water repellency with an amazing surface contact angle of 121 degrees, meaning water is incapable of sitting on the protected surface. The application process is as easy as they come! Simply take a Foam or Microfiber Applicator and give it a couple twists within the can of wax. Once the applicator is coated with a layer of wax, apply it to a painted panel. You can do one panel at a time or all the panels at once if you would prefer to let the product set. The choice is yours! Once you’ve made your go around, take a Premium Microfiber Towel and buff the wax off. The result will be a High-Gloss, Show-Ready Finish. Grab some CONTACT 121 and EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC for yourself! [PRO TIP: avoid application on rubber or plastic trim to mitigate the risk of minor discolouration]

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