What is Wowo’s Affiliate Program?

Being part of the car scene, one thing we all know is that it is one big family and everyone knows everyone else, and what is the one thing that we all have in common no matter what you drive? Looking after and cleaning our cars.

Wowo’s Affiliate Program allows you to share what Wowo’s products you are using with your community, be it via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any othre social media platform, and if your followers or anyone from your community purchases using the link you provide, you can earn up to 20% commision on those sales.


Share your favourite products with your community

Earn up to 20% commission on all sales generated with your link

Get It All, Before Anyone Else

By signing up as a Wowo’s affiliate you get access to any and all our new products before anyone else. This includes any brand new samples not released to the market or new revisions on prior formulas before they go into production. This way we know that if you are happy, all our other customers will be happy too.


Save up to 20% for you and your friends

Enjoy up to 20% off our products as an affiliate and a discount code for your friends and audience

We’ve Made it Simple

Being an affiliate marketer with Wowo’s is simple – from creating the trackable URL link, to seeing your stats, all the way to automated monthly payouts to your nominated PayPal account. Talking about the products you love, earning money while you do it and it’s ALL trackable through your own Affiliate HQ. Almost as easy as using our Glass Cleaner.

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Once your account is approved as an affiliate, copy the URL of the product you want to share or talk about.
  3. Then go here, to either get your global link which covers the whole site, or paste the URL to the specific product you are recommending or talking about.
  4. SHARE that new link with your friends or audience by any means (text, WhatsApp, email, or ANY social media platform) and if they make a purchase using that link, you earn up to 20% commission on their WHOLE order.

Affiliate Help Guide

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced influencer on social media, or this is your first time being a brand affiliate, everyone can benefit from a little help. We have put togther an Affiliate Help Guide in order to help answer any of your questions.


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