Affiliate Help Guide

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing, or a seasoned social media influencer, a little help can go a long way. On this page you will find help using your Affiliate HQ Dashboard, how to create your content, where to publish your content and even some of the equipment you can use to achieve the best possible results.


Preparing your account and content

As vital as preparing the paintwork

Affiliate HQ – Your Hub

Once you have signed up to become part of the Wowo’s Affiliate Program, you will immediately get access to your Affiliate HQ. This is your hub and from here you can do anything from creating your affiliate links, to tracking your stats and seeing your commissions you have generated.

Creating Your Links

Using your affiliate links and talking about the products you love using is the cornerstone of being successful with the Wowo’s Affiliate Program. The more people who see your unique content and utilise your links, the more commission you earn.

On the right hand side in your dashboard click Generate Link . You have two options with your links.

  1. Use your REFERRAL LINK which is at the top of that page.
  2. Copy the URL of the product you are using from our website, and paste it into the empty PAGE URL box, and click GENERATE LINK. You can then copy the link and paste it on any social media platform, blog, email or any other form of digital communication.

 It’s that easy.


Make better content, earn more commission

Like anything in life you get back what you put into your work

Making Good Content = Better Commission

Like anything in life you get back the more you put in. Treat this like a business where the better the product you make, in this case the content you make, and the more convincing message you convey to your friends and audience the higher the likelihood of getting them to use the products you love too.

Be Honest, Be Truthful

At Wowo’s we will never lie or deceive a customer in order to sell a product. When you talk about our product, you are representing the brand. People buy from people, and if you tell your story the right way, telling them why YOU love the product, why YOU enjoy using it, they are much more likely to buy using your affiliate link.

The Opportunity

Like with any business, the more you sell the more you make, so in this case the more people who buy using your referral link or discount code then the more commission you will earn.

Let us break down an example. The average order value on this site is around £50 before VAT or shipping. If you promote a sale to that order value, you earn an instant £10 commission on that sale.

We won’t ever cap anyone’s commission, so the sky is the limit.


Know who to tell, and when to tell them

Timing is everything and being in the right place at the right time is key

Know Your Audience – Positioning is Key

The one thing that has brought us all together is the passion we share for cars and especially car care, so making sure you’re audience is listening is key. Telling your story on the right platform, especially at the right time can make all the difference.


With Social Media, timing is always the key to more people seeing and interacting with your story. If you are posting on any social media platform these are the three best times of the day, 10 AM, 1 PM, 9 PM. Pushing your content live at these times will capture the biggest audience.


Tagging your content on any social media platform will allow your post to reach a much larger audience. If you’re using Facebook, make sure to tag us @wowos_uk , but also tag your friends who might be interested too. On Instagram tag people or other pages related to your content – for example if you are making a post featuring our Tyre Restorer on your BMW M4 which is running a host of aftermarket parts then tag the companies that make those parts, tag us @wowos_uk , tag your tyre manufacturer and tag any groups associated with your vehicle. We can recommend using the following hashtags for detailing:

#wowos #lovewowos #wowosdetailing #detailing #detailingworld #detailingworldofficial #detailersunite #detailingdoneright #detailingboost #carcareproducts #detailing101 #instacars #petrolhead #carwash #detailersofinstagram #autodetailing #detailingaddicts


Facebook is still arguably the largest and most powerful global social media platform. As an end user on Facebook you have a distinct advantage over a business who is trying to promote a product, impartiallity, but we only want you promoting and recommending the product if you really believe in it. The best place you can talk about the products is in automotive or detailing groups on Facebook as this will have the most immediate reach. Another good thing to do is put your referral link in your bio so it is always visable on your personal page. Facebook will allow you to really tell your story, to accompany your photo and video content.


With Instagram now being owned by Facebook using both to reach your audience is key. Instagram’s strength rests in it being a predominantly visual platform so creating eye catching photos and short videos is a great place to start.

We also recommend using the link in your BIO to put your Referral Link or if you have generated a link to a specific product you are talking about. Don’t forget to let you audience know in your Post or Story that there is a “LINK IN BIO”. We also recommend putting your discount code which you will be emailed to you, in your bio. This discount code is attatched to your account so even if someone doesn’t use your referral link but uses your code you still earn your 20% commission.


If you’re a video creator you will already know this is the best place to tell your story. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. When people are looking for recommendations, reviews or how-to guides, they go to YouTube first. Make sure to put your referral link and discount code in the description.

Other Social Media Platforms

Other social media platforms we recommend using are TikTok and Twitter.


The value in getting creative

Making your content creative and eye catching is the way to go

Make a Splash

Selling your story is key to making people want to purchase a product and the best way to do that is through creative, eye catching images and videos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer / videographer and have all the kit to make amazing images and video content.

What to Use

These days, pretty much everyone has the right kit on them in order to make content, their phone. Most modern phones have amazing cameras on them and with a wealth of apps and even built in image processing on the likes of Instagram it’s easy to make great content anywhere.

If you’re wanting to up your game a little and make better video content then look into a gimbal for your phone. This will help you make silky smooth video content. You can even use the built in video editing apps on your phone like iMovie.

Moving up again from here, investing in a good digital camera, either a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera, can be a great investment. Something like a Sony A6400 allows you to change lenses to capture that perfect shot, use external microphones for better sound quality for videos, or use larger gimbal systems for professional level movements and stability in your videos.

It’s Not All In The Kit

Making good content is not all in the kit you own. Having a good eye for a shot and the ability to talk to camera in a video or write your story is infinitly more valuable. As we have said before, people buy from people, so being honest and truthful in your recommendation and experience through enjoying using our products will always translate better to your audience.

Additional Resources

Please find a link below to our Google Drive where you can download images to use in your posts. Please don’t just use these images (that’s our job), but you can use them in conjuntion with your own content in order to better support it.